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The Seven Swords of the Demon Lords, by Nathaniel Oren

 I had the unique honor of working alongside my dear friend Nathaniel Oren to help him complete his first full length novel. To simply describe the work we did as author/editor does not quite cover the breadth of all we have accomplished together getting this book out into the world.

Nathaniel calls me his "creative consultant" and "Editor in Chief." I read this book front to back more times than I can count, each time finding something new we could tweak or grow as the story evolved. Editing content, grammar, and even the story itself was a huge honor.

I was also excited to stretch my technical and marketing skills, and in addition to editing, I also have:

  • Created the cover, front & back (illustration provided by the author) 
  • Formatted the eBook
  • Published the eBook through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Formatted the paperback
  • Published the paperback through CreateSpace
  • Currently manage the online marketing strategy and copy on Facebook and Instagram
  • Created and maintain the author webpage

I'm so proud of Nathaniel's work, and am excited to say we're already deep into the next few stories to come... a collection of short stories, an audiobook, and sequels in The Templar's Hunt series are already in the works.

You can buy a copy of The Seven Swords of the Demon Lords by clicking here!

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